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I will help for us!!! (Declined)

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:50 pm






Any outstanding infractions on your account?:


How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?:

I play 2-5 hours a night i come to from work

Any past experiences?:

i have with my friend 1server but i leav with him becouse wee going from country and we cant check server.

Do you have skype?: Yes.

What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?:

I never ignore players who need help i never ignore if player got scamed i will helped whot i can if didint can im wait any owner come to try help

What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: .

Becouse i have alot idea if my idea work this server be very popular when naw Wink

What do you hope to achieve in the long run?:

I want to help owner to get here alot of players and with new ideas

What role (Staff) are you looking to get?

Moderator, Admin, forum moderator
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Re: I will help for us!!! (Declined)

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:04 pm
Application Declined.


Why was my application closed?

Application form not used. Found HERE.
Requirements not met. Found HERE.

Can I reapply?

You can apply every 7 days. Applying more then once or reapply for a position back to back will make your account inapplicable for ANY position.

- Josh  king

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